" Creativity is not about design, art or music.
Creativity is your ability to see the world differently & create new possibilities! "
Dr. Yazan Hijazi

Why Should you Care?
According to the IBM Global CEO Study,
Creativity is the most essential skill for future success.
Yet only 2% of adults measure as creative.

This self-paced video course promises you four things:
1. Transform your worldview of creativity and your creative self.
2. Adopt new mindsets and practical tools to come up with awesome ideas.
3. Learn how to evaluate your ideas and concepts.
4. Have fun!

Get your edge.

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Activate Your Creative Awesomeness

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What to expect after completing the course?


  • Come up with amazing concepts & impactful solutions effortlessly.
  • Install a new creative mindset and use it to transform your work & play.
  • Discover why thinking outside the box is just another box, and what to do about it.
  • Learn the power of perspectives and how to frame challenges to create new possibilities.
  • Unbox your thinking with the Naturally Creative Processand Hybrid Brainstorming.
  • Use the 3+ Creative Metricsto strategically evaluate then choose among competing alternatives.
  • Develop creative facilitation skills to unleash your team's creativity.
  • Empower your self-knowing, self-expression & self-confidence.


What People Say

" This course is a true gem! I manage a multi-million dollar business, and while our work involves creativity, I always thought that you either have it or you don't. This course motivated me to develop my team's creative intelligence, which positively impacts our top & bottom-line. "
Walid Abulnaga - CEO, Olive Media Consultants

" I create beautiful spaces and experiences for my clients, and I know that creativity is like a muscle; use it or loose it. This course has been like taking my creativity to the gym. I loved the mix of creativity, business & art, and the overall positive message of Dr. Hijazi. Great energy, Thank You! "
Sylvia de Marco - Artist & Interior Designer

" This course is immediately useful. Dr. Hijazi designed a thoughtful learning journey with professionally delivered relevant content. Creatively360 is an excellent example of creativity in action, with great attention to detail, insight and playfulness. "
Laith F Madi - VP, Cloud Energy Solutions

" I never thought of myself as a creative individual. This course challenged my views in an empowering way. I am especially happy that I can  confidently say: Yes I am creative!  I recommend this course to anyone who wants to boost their capacity to generate insightful solutions."
Cristina Marero - High School Teacher



You are an executive, a manager or a student wanting to improve  your creativity in work and life.

You are stuck in boring routines and wish to reignite your curiosity and zest for life.

You are looking for inspiration to expand your creative horizons.

You believe you could be working smarter, not harder.

Your work requires you to generate fresh ideas.

You are a passionate self-developer.

You have a bellybutton ;)


Upgrade your thinking!

Activate Your Creativity


You get

7 Modules = 26 Lectures = 4.5 Hours of Video

with loads of Practical Examples, Resources & Activities that will engage your creativity & spark your insight.


If you don’t know where you’re going, you may end up somewhere else!

Before you embark on any journey, you must first know where you are standing, where you are going and towards what purpose. In this module we set context for our journey. All meaning is contextual;  how we view and interpret context determines our capacity to create appropriate and effective solutions. I will share with you powerful hacks  you can use to improve your capacity to absorb and learn. Lastly, we embrace the deeper power of WHY in guiding your work & life.


Extraordinary success, requires extraordinary thinking.

You are creative; creativity is your nature. Unfortunately for most it has been buried due to social & academic conditioning. In this module reawaken to your divine creativity, and see the accelerating wheel of human progress driven by creativity in action. We explore how conventional schooling suppresses this most fascinating human capacity. And discover new capacities needed for extraordinary success, as we navigate a new paradigm of uncertainty, complexity and disruption.


Let go and let come. This is the essence of all meaningful growth.

In our quest to learn we often forget the need to unlearn our outdated models of the world. In this module we start with a creative check-in exercise to evaluate your level and views on creativity, so you may experience the transformation at the end of the course. Then we begin your mindset upgrade by first eliminating the destructive myths & limiting beliefs that sap your creative power, and then introducing Creative Diversity as a practical and inclusive model of creativity. This will free you from self-imposed boundaries and expand the sense of your Creative Self.


To define is to confine. Change your frame; transform your world.

I’m sure you’ve experienced how a simple change of perspective can completely resolve, or make irrelevant, a challenge you were facing. This is the power of perspective taking. In this module we will assume a beginner’s mind, and unravel the mysteries of creativity by un-defining it, and introducing 13 insightful re-frames that will radically shift your mindset. You will develop your own personal relationship to what creativity is and isn’t, and you will learn the simple power of re-framing to expand the range of possibilities and enhance your capacity to see with insightful fresh eyes.


What can’t be measured can’t be improved.

Creativity can be highly subjective; but can it be measured? The answer YES! Even a great piece of art is measured by the emotional experience it evokes within us.  When creativity takes the form of concepts and solutions, we must have a common language and a way to measure it. In this module, you will you learn how to use the 3+ Creative Metrics™ tool, as you engage in a real simulation as. You can use this method in any context to evaluate and choose intelligently among competing alternatives, while enhancing collaboration and unleashing the creativity of your team.


The best secrets are obvious once they are known.

In this module, you will discover some amazing research-backed secrets about creativity, and the single most important factor in activating your creative awesomeness. You will learn powerful techniques that you will love and will stay with you forever. I will guide you step-by-step how to use the Naturally Creative Process™ as a simple process that you can use in any creative problem-solving situation regardless of the size and scope. You will see why conventional brainstorming produces mediocre ideas, and how to use the Hybrid Brainstorming technique to get bigger and better ideas.


Adding some love & magic sauce to bring it all together.

In this final module we wrap things up and summarize all the learning and insights. We will revisit the creative check-in exercise we did at the beginning of the course and do a creative checkout so you can experience the improvement in your creative capacity, and the transformation in your creative worldview.

Finally I share with you insights and recommendations on how to continue developing & sharpening your creative intelligence, and how to engage with your world with mindful curiosity and grounded playfulness.

" Not using your creative intelligence is a tremendous waste of potential.
It is like hopping on one leg when you can run on two! "
Dr. Yazan Hijazi


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You have nothing to loose and everything to win!

Think differently!